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This page is dedicated to feature how emerging technology is increasingly allowing the design process become immersive and how it is becoming an essential tool for project development, presentation, and construction. 

Virtual reality

360 Views  |  Walk-through  |  Immersive  |     

|  Immersive  |     

Testing software features, capabilities, quality, and user interaction with a residential walk-through. Testing conducted at Broadstone Design Group.

| Walk-through  |     

Residential outdoor living and patio addition. Existing house and additions were modeled in Revit and exported to Enscape for the walk-through. Clients were able to see the design through Oculus goggles and received the link below to view the design via their internet browser. Design project courtesy of Broadstone Design Group.

To experience the walk-through select the link below.

Note it may take a few minutes for the project to load due to your internet connection and graphics card. 

Online conference

Screen Share  |  Live BIM Modeling  |  Multiple participants  |     

With Zoom, we set up a live design working session with our client and a consultant in another city. We set up a video conference and shared it with the consultant along with the BIM Model we simultanously updated as the meeting progressed. Working session conducted at Broadstone Design Group.

Content creation

3D Renderings  |  3D Videos  |  3D Floor plans  |     

Select Link below to view Concept Booklet of the project above. Project courtesy of Broadstone Design Group. 

Building information modeling

BIM  |  3D Modeling  |  Industry Collaboration

Although my interest in 3D modeling has guided me through a diverse exploration; today I mostly spend my time on Revit as it is the most widely used in the AEC Industry in the region I work with. However, I am aware that each type of 3D software has their strenghts and weaknesses and I never shy away on how they can communicate with eachother. 

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