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What is arkiam?

Arkiam is a digital space that is constantly evolving where I share my thoughts, experiences, and interests with Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. I am a maker, a designer, a builder, a creative mind thriving to attempt and master the multitude of opportunities available. Whether I'm expanding my professional knowledge or just having fun, I am constantly seeking experience in all phases of the development and design process of various types of projects. 

Project types experience

Single Family New Construction

Single Family Renovations & Additions

Multi-Family New Construction

Mixed-Use New Construction

Retail Strip Center New Construction

Site Analysis

Site Approval Process

Building Permit Process

Feasibility Studies

Fun Projects

Project House

3D Printing

Anything and lots of DIY

4Runner Rig

Building a Shed

Mammoth Sunflowers

Growing Native Flowers

Last Minute Decorations

Custom Dog Bed

Custom Furniture

And much more....

Design is fun
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