What is arkiam? 

Are you lost, feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin with your next big project? I'm here to help. Arkiam is a digital space that is constantly evolving where I share my thoughts, experiences, interests, and knowledge with Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. I am a maker, a designer, a builder, a creative mind thriving to attempt and master the multitude of opportunities available in the built environment. I am constantly looking to gain experience in all phases in the development and design process of various types of projects and I am sharing that knowledge I have gained to help others understand the process and requirements needed to mover forward on their next project no matter what size. 

If you have any questions shoot me a message below or follow me on my instagram and DM through there. 

Project types experience 

Single Family New Construction

Single Family Renovations & Additions

Multi-Family New Construction

Mixed-Use New Construction

Retail Strip Center New Construction

Site Analysis

Site Approval Process

Building Permit Process

Feasibility Studies

Project Potential Use Studies

Design is fun
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